FMC Corporation's Commitment to Lithium Technology
By adapting products to fit the needs of major energy storage companies, FMC Corporation has developed deep relationships within the industry and will continue to cultivate the collaborative approach as the industry develops.
FMC Lithium Energy Market Innovations

Grades of lithium carbonate:
  • Industrial Grade
  • Technical Grade
  • Micronized Technical Grade
  • Battery Grade
Grades of lithium hydroxide:
  • Technical Grade
  • Micronized Technical Grade
  • Battery Grade
  • Electrochemical Grade
Battery quality grade of lithium metal

FMC Lithium's Commitment to Li-ion Battery R&D

Lithium carbonate and hydroxide basic precursors for Li-ion battery cathode:
  • First supplier since the inception of Li-ion battery by SONY in Japan in 1993
  • Leading supplier of hydroxide to battery market
  • Launched of a range of micronized carbonate grades in 2010
Cathode intellectual property and know-how:
  • Developed own cathode technology and participated directly in market from 1995-2004
  • In 2004, begain cathode technology licensing
  • Remain deeply engaged with the cathode market
SLMP (Stabilized Lithium Metal Powder®) - a potential game changer:
  • SLMP is an energy enhancer to break limits on current Li-ion batteries
  • Numerous patents filed 1997-2003.  Currently filing more.
  • Active market development effort
CLEAR (Center for Lithium Energy Advanced Research):
  • Lab built in 2008 with capability to construct laminated Li-ion cells
  • Enables direct lithium application development to accelerate commercialization