Next Generation of Power
As the discoveries of new lithium technologies persist, the international community is becoming more aware of lithium’s versatility. This wonder-mineral has become a staple in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to metal works and is now being spotlighted as a next generation energy source. Scientists have long been aware of the potential breakthroughs lithium could provide in solving the global energy crisis. Lithium's abundance and energy density qualities position lithium as the harbinger of a post-petroleum era.

The efficiency of economies of scale have silenced the cost-concerns generated over the production of large-scale Li-ion products like automobile batteries.  Production research shows that, while maintaining all of the element’s advantageous properties, the lithium portion of lithium batteries represents less than one percent of the final cost.

Source: AVICENNE Développement
Li-ion Battery Applications

Source: AVICENNE Développement

Cell Cost Components

Source: Deutsche Bank